Jesus handpicked His disciples with a goal in mind: to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When the early church was formed, they didn’t have any structure or formal training systems in place. However, what they did following the ascension of Jesus back to Heaven shaped and grounded their faith in such a way that we are still following their path today… 

Acts 2:42 - They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.  

Following their example, we recognize there is a vital need for believers to place a focus on spiritual growth and maturity.  With that in mind, we will soon be offering “The Disciples’ Path”, an intensive study of bible doctrine and practical application of scripture for your life.

Beginning June 22nd, at 6:30 PM, these classes will meet weekly and are open for everyone. This opportunity will be invaluable for anyone who desires a richer, deeper, and fuller Christian walk.  This program will also serve as an “on ramp” for anyone who aspires to teach or lead bible teaching classes in the future here at POV. 

 The entire program takes 17 months to complete, and consists of 3 tiers of learning:

“Getting Started”

(Childcare available for children ages 4-12)

24 weeks

  1. A Believing People
  2. A Saved People
  3. A Sanctified People
  4. A Spirit-Baptized People
  5. A Healed People
  6. An Expectant People 


 “Getting Grounded”

24 weeks

  1. A Praying People
  2. An Overcoming People
  3. A Fruitful People
  4. A Gifted People
  5. A Blessed People
  6. A Miraculous People 


 “Get Going”

25 weeks

  1. A Shepherded People
  2. A Disciplined People
  3. A Reconciled People
  4. A Hopeful People
  5. A Ministering People
  6. A Guided People